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Digital Optical Toslink or Coax SPDIF to TosLink or SPDIF Audio Converter

January 22, 2010
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SPDIF Digital/Toslink Audio Converter

This SPDIF Digital/Toslink Audio Converter is a neat little device that solves many of the incompatibility problems with analogue and digital equipment. As people, especially those of us who are AV and home cinema enthusiasts regularly upgrade equipment, compatibility between new devices and older, different audio devices can often arise. This converter offers bi-directional conversion so that legacy audio equipment can continue to be used with newer audio devices.

Incompatibility between connectors is a frequent problem most people find when building up their home entertainment systems piece by piece. Usually people replace out-dated equipment as they can afford it, often though the availability of a new shiny device tempts us into parting with our cash. However when you get it home and try connecting it to the rest of your kit you can often find problems.

This cool converter allows digital audio to be inputted through a Coaxial or optical port and digital audio to be an output through Coaxial or optical ports. It gives complete flexibility during installs. Both optical and coaxial cables can also be connected at the same time to save you fiddling about, however only one can be active at a time.

With an integrated digital interpolator filter and Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), this SPDIF Digital/Toslink Audio Converter supports uncompressed digital stereo audio input. It also comes with a 5v DC multi country power supply.

See more about this LINDY SPDIF Digital/Toslink Audio Converter.

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