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Neat In-desk USB Hub

January 14, 2010

Perfect for officers and work stations!

This cool little 4 Port in-desk USB hub is a really smart office device. It fits neatly into your desk’s cable grommet cut-out to give you easy access to USB ports and help keep your desks clutter down to a minimum.

The main body of the hub detaches from the outer ring so it is easy to set up. Its cross shaped design means a desks grommet can still be used for cable management. It’s perfect for use with USB storage devices positioned near desks such as printers and scanners.

Fits neatly into a desk!

It’s always handy to have extra USB ports, but hubs often take up too much space and make desks untidy. This in-desk hub solves this problem by making use of the cable grommet already installed in a desk so you get additional ports without additional clutter.

This bus-powered in-desk hub can take up to four USB connections and supports high, full and low speed devices. It fits into a standard grommet cut-out and connects to a computer via an integrated cable.

Read more about the 4 port in-desk hub.


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