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Adjustable Notebook Coolers Keep Laptops Cool!

December 11, 2009

Easily keep your notebook cool!

This new Adjustable Notebook Cooler puts an end to your laptops and notebooks warped disc drives, dry soldered joints and even melting casings. These and many more problems that occur from hot running laptops can be solved easily.

This cooler fits most 7” to 15” laptops and has a single, quiet fan that cools your computer. Further passive cooling and heat dissipation is assisted by allowing air can also freely flow beneath the machine as well. The cooler’s unique, fold-away design means it can easily be situated under the part of the machine where cooling is most needed. It is still small and compact enough to fit into a laptop bag.

Heat can be very bad for notebooks and with laptops becoming more powerful the amount of heat they generate is increasing. This can have a serious impact on their performance and the lifetime of the machine if it is not dealt with. Newer notebooks are cheaper and lighter than ever and more plastic is increasingly being used to make them. This contributes to the problem.

The LINDY Adjustable Notebook Cooler is bus powered by an integrated USB Cable and has rubber pads to hold the laptop securely when it is in use. A tilt feature provides additional comfort. The design features a single 2300 RPM fan with a quite operation of less than 20dBA.

See more about the LINDY Adjustable Notebook Cooler.

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  1. December 22, 2009 12:02 am

    that´s a great invention, thanks for the news

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