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Christmas gadgets and gift ideas!

November 27, 2009

Great range of gifts & gadgets!

We have a wide and varied range of gadgets and essentials that are perfect stocking fillers for this Christmas. Our devices range from devices to get the most out of your new laptops, computers, iPods, TVs and Blu-rays to keeping those new iPhones and monitors looking like new.

Listen to music from an iPod through old car stereos by using a LINDY FM Audio transmitter. Connect it to the 3.5mm jack of any audio device and tune to a free station. It wirelessly transmits music to any FM equipped music player or car stereo. It can be quickly accessed using the three memory presets and has an illuminated LCD display with time and temperature functions.

The LINDY USB 2.0 Multi-card Reader Pro makes transferring data from memory cards easy. You can also back up and edit SIM card data so you don’t lose valuable contact details again. It versatility supports over 80 different memory card formats including high capacity SDHC and Micro-SD.

Isn’t it annoying when you try to listen to music and background noise interrupts your listening enjoyment. The LINDY Active Noise Cancelling Headphones use inverse phase active technology to deliver a16dB noise reduction so ambient noise is reduced to provide superior sound quality. The soft cushioning ear pads make them comfortable to wear for long periods. They also come with a handy in-flight adapter, 1.2m detachable cable and a 6.3mm audio adapter.

Our multi award winning LINDY 6 Way Mains Conditioner Power Strip is designed for hi-fi and home cinema systems. It has six sockets with surge protection and mains conditioning while the two metre screened mains cable helps reduce radiated noise that adversely affects audio and video quality making it the perfect gift for home cinema enthusiasts.

Keep that new Plasma, monitor or iPhone clean by using a LINDY Screen Cleaning Kit with Brush. This compact, all-in-one kit contains everything required for cleaning TVs, monitors, CDs, DVDs, keyboards & more. Use the cleaning solution, integrated micro-fibre pad and handy soft retracting brush to safely remove dust and dirt from your valuable devices.

There is much more to see in our Christmas gifts and gadgets range by clicking here.


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