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HDMI 360 Degree Adapter Provides Port Flexibility

October 27, 2009

Don't lose essential ports!

The new LINDY HDMI 360 Degree Adapter is the latest addition to our line of 360 degree adapters range. These devices are ideal for users who find that connecting bulky HDMI connectors or heavy-duty cables can block adjacent ports on their devices.

The HDMI 360 Degree Adapter can swivel and rotate in almost any direction. This allows users to choose the perfect connection angle of a HDMI cable so that it doesn’t obstruct any other connections. This small and compact male to female HDMI adapter can extend a HDMI port just enough to enable easy access to the adjacent ports. This means that connecting a HDMI cable no longer impacts on performance, the ability to connect other devices or becomes an annoyance itself.

On lots of newer equipment many ports are too close together to be able to deal with high-end HDMI connectors which are often bulkier than standard ones. As the line between TV, gaming and computing becomes increasingly blurred, losing the ability to connect to just one port can be very frustrating as most users need every port they can possibly access.

The LINDY HDMI 360 Degree Adapter provides a simple solution to freeing-up these much-needed ports so users get the most out of their equipment and their setups.

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