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5 Star Winning Mains Power Conditioner

July 30, 2009
High quality Mains Power Conditioner

High quality Mains Power Conditioner

In this month’s What HiFi magazine they ask the question ‘How much difference do cables make……and are they worth it?’ They tested if the quality of a cables made any difference to a users experience by setting up an experiment with magazine readers using AV equipment and cables ranging in quality. The article talks about the LINDY 6 Way Mains Power Conditioner, a product they previously reviewed and awarded ‘5 Stars’ as well as calling it ‘a bona fide system booster’ and a ‘fabulous product’. Read the review at What Hi-Fi here.

This high quality mains conditioner and radio frequency interference filter device is designed for home cinema and Hi-Fi systems. It effectively reduces interference from the mains to enhance your home cinema experience by bringing you greater quality picture and sound from your AV and Hi-Fi equipment. It provides six sockets with surge protection and mains conditioning. The two metre screened mains cable helps reduce any radiated noise that can adversely affect the quality of audio and video signals. This Mains Conditioner unit a fabulous device, perfect for AV and home cinema enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their set up. There’s not much point paying all that money on equipment if you cant get the best experience possible because of the cables used.

Read more about the LINDY 6 Way Mains Power Conditioner.

Read the What HiFi review here.

The LINDY Mains Conditioner has also been nominated for the What Hi-Fi Readers Award 2009. Voting has now closed and the winner will be reveled soon here.

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  1. June 10, 2013 8:29 am

    Personally I see a big difference between cables.

  2. March 3, 2014 6:37 pm

    Kondicionierių montavimas yra ypač paplitęs Rytų Azijos šalyse. Taivane, Pietų Korėjoje ar Japonijoje, nes šiame Azijos regione oro kondicionavimas bei kondicionierių montavimas laikomas ne prabanga, o būtinybe dėl ypač aukštos temperatūros vasarą.

    Kondicionierių montavimas Amerikoje paplitęs Rytų pakrantės bei pietinėse valstijose. Ir sunku patikėti, kad oro kondicionieriai ir parduotas jų skaičius lyginamas su Rytų Azijos šalimis. Bet vakarinėje pakrantėje, oro kondicionieriai vis dar laikomi prabanga.

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