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USB 3.0

July 10, 2009

USB is now used to power and charge countless products and applications. Its growing application has lead to the need for an improved specification.  USB 3.0 is the latest version of the most commonly used interface in the world to be introduced.

USB 3.0 has many improvements over USB 2.0, the last specification to be introduced. Here are just some of the main features offered by USB 3.0, commonly know as ‘SuperSpeed’ USB-

  • A much higher speed data transfer rate up to 4.8Gbps. That’s ten times faster than that of USB 2.
  • Increased maximum bus power as well as the ability to better accommodates power-hungry devices
  • USB 3.0 can both read and write data at the same time, it can perform full-duplex data transfers
  • More power efficient to charge devices more quickly
  • Increased power output up to 900 milliamps
  • New USB 3.0 connectors and cables are backwards compatible so work with USB 2.0 devices

That is just some of the advantages of new ‘SuperSpeed’ USB 3.0 cables. LINDY stock a wide range of USB 3.0 cables here.

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