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Rotating Notebook Stand

July 8, 2009
Notebook Stand

Notebook Stand

The LINDY portable notebook stand is great, it makes using your notebook/laptop much more comfortable and easy. It allows you to lift and adjust your notebook display to a more comfortable typing angle, which makes viewing and working on your notebook easier. You can see what you’re doing on screen and type much more comfortably.

Rotating Notebook Stand

Rotating Notebook Stand

Importantly it also allows a free flow of air to get underneath your notebook. This effectively cools your machine so that it does not get too hot and overheat. It also means that if you’re using your machine on your lap, you don’t get that uncomfortable feeling of the laptops heat on your lap while working. This method of heat dissipation helps your machine work to the best of its capabilities. It also allows you to swivel your notebook to easily share your screen with others.

Height adjustable

Height adjustable

Its 360° rotating base means you can easily show friends, family and colleagues movies, pictures and any information you want with ease. It is perfect for meetings, training sessions and demonstrations where data from one screen needs to be shared in an uncomplicated way. It’s also rather light which makes it easy to carry and transport from your home to the office etc. Its compact design also means it is easy to store in your car, home, office etc. Overall the LINDY portable notebook stand is perfect for people who regularly use their notebook and want to get the most out of their machine.

See more about LINDYs Rotating Notebook Stand.

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