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The Latest HDMI Extender Technology

July 3, 2009

This new Fibre Optic HDMI Extender uses the very latest HDMI Extender technology. It is exclusive to LINDY Electronics. This revolutionary product allows HDMI signals to be transmitted over incredibly long distances using a standard single SC duplex multimode fibre optic cable. The unit’s design makes it simple, and relatively low cost, to install monitors up to 300m from the HDMI Source.

The Latest HDMI Extender

The Latest HDMI Extender

The Fibre Optic HDMI Extender is the perfect solution for extending HDMI signals over very long distances. You can stretch signals much longer than the 100m generally achieved by using at least two fibre optic cables and an Ethernet cable. Previously, this is the only similar option for transmitting HDMI signals over great lengths. This method also makes hiding your cable runs extremely difficult, a task the new extender elminates. The unit consists of one transmitter and a receiver unit which connect to both the HDMI source and display by using HDMI cables of up to 3m in length. The modules are then connected together using any standard SC duplex multimode cable (50/125μm).

This very useful product incorporates the very latest technology for extending HDMI signals. This means there is no need for multiple cables including Ethernet patch cables that are normally needed for DDC and remote control. The LINDY Fibre Optic HDMI Extender is great because it overcomes several issues including the cost of additional cables, simplicity of installation and incompatibility issues that can occur between devices when multiple cables are used.

Only available from LINDY Electronics, the Fibre Optic HDMI Extenderprovides full support for HD 1080p, HDCP, multi-channel audio, CEC and IR remote control all through the single fibre optic cable. The cable also includes an eye safety function that disables the laser automatically if the cable is broken and a power save mode if source device is powered off.

Read more about the Fibre Optic HDMI Extender.

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