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Stream audio & music wirelessly from a computer to your Hi-Fi

June 18, 2009

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This fantastic little device allows you to transmit stereo audio wirelessly from your computer with to your Hi-Fi or stereo speakers using 2.4GHz wireless technology. It is great for use with iTunes, Spot.ify and other streaming audio applications. It means you don’t have to be close to your PC or Mac to listen to your favourite computer stored play lists. Share and listen to your PCs music library through Hi-Fi quality so you get a much greater experience than listening through small PC speakers. It’s great for parties and gatherings where you need music but don’t want to waste time burning your favourite play lists onto Cd’s. It’s also a cheaper alternative to a Hi-Fi unit with MP3 or I-Pod capacity. The unit is quick and easy to set up and use as it’s simple plug and play installation means no drivers are required. The USB wireless audio sender works at distances of up to 50m, without any wires so its easy to listen to music from your computer through any Hi-Fi or stereo speakers around the house.  

Wireless Audio Sender

Wireless Audio Sender


The USB wireless audio sender consists of a USB adapter and a wireless receiver. You simply fit the adapter into your computer and plug the receiver into your Hi-Fi, speakers or headphones using the supplied stereo phono cable, or a standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack socket. You can then quickly enjoy streamed music from your PC or Mac or from streaming applications such as iTunes and Spot.ify.  

See more info about USB wireless audio senders here.  

This superb little gadget has also been reviewed by Computer Active magazine who described it as ‘an excellent product’. Read the full review here.

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