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USB to DVI Adapters- Add a Second Monitor

May 8, 2009
USB to VGA Adapter

USB to DVI Adapter

There are many benefits adding an additional monitor connected to your PC or notebook. Having multiple monitors is ideal for people who want more room to manoeuvre between, easily view and run multiple programmes at the same time.

It is ideal for graphic designers and programmers who use highly involved software and tasks that require a large spacious screen.  You can touch up and edit photos or videos on one screen while having the programmes tools and palates on the other. Carry out a work related task on one screen such as viewing and editing a large spreadsheet whilst listening to Spot.ify or update your Twitter account on the other. Not having programmes overlapping and getting in each other’s way is a real plus for computer users. For many the tasks they carry out really require a second monitor and once one is connected they wonder how they managed without it.

A USB to DVI adapter is the easiest way of adding an additional monitor. A USB to DVI adapter allows an extra monitor to be easily connected even when there’s no spare connection as it connects to your machine via its USB port. User’s desktops can then be either extender or mirrored making working and navigating on multiple or complicated programmes simpler and easier.

This USB to DVI adapter has a DVI-I interface to support both VGA and DVI-D monitor connections and can also be used as the primary video output. It simply connects to a computer’s USB 2.0 port. Up to six adapters can be connected to a single PC providing there are enough ports available. It supports DVI resolutions of up to 1680 x 1050 and 2048 x 1280 on VGA eliminating the need for an additional graphics card.

The LINDY USB to DVI Adapter has recently been reviewed by magazine Computer Active who described it as ‘excellent value for money’. Read the review here.

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