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Owen’s CeBit Diary Day 2

March 4, 2009


Last night we ate, as usual, at the Metaxa Greek restaurant, the perfect end to a hard days work :-)). Towards the end of the evening we were joined by a curious stranger, no-one knew him, no-one invited him to join us, yet there he was sitting amongst us….very strange. After speaking to the bar staff it turns out that he “lives here”. Great stuff we’re now known to the local drunk :-(. Perhaps he was interested in Rod (our Portuguese International Sales Manager) and his Borat impression….eeeezz verrryyy niiiiiiice :-p

With the first morning completed I had a wander around hall 20, nothing of much to note, disappointingly. This year the hall is much smaller, with a lot of it cut off ….apparently next year CeBIT will also be one day shorter, perhaps a sign of the times.

On a lighter note I still haven’t found any strange or strangely named products…..but I did find an interesting company, perhaps one aimed at those who need a little reasurance…

No little blue pills required here!

No little blue pills required here!

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  1. March 5, 2009 2:23 pm

    Where’s day 3’s report? Our man in Havana…erm, I mean Hannover, is missing in action! It better be good. When it turns up.

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