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USB 360 Adapters

February 18, 2009
USB 360 Adapters

USB 360 Adapters

I find it really annoying when I’m using USB ports on my laptop. When I connect one of my USB devices like my MP3 player, printer, scanner etc it is almost impossible to connect another device due to the positioning of the USB ports on my machine. This is because the bulky connectors get in the way of other ports meaning frustratingly I can only carry out one task at a time. All I want to do is use my MP3 player and printer at the same time or my Bluetooth dongle and scanner, is that too much to ask? This cool little LINDY USB 360 Adapter means I can now done this without problems. I can connect a number of devices using different ports without cables and connectors getting in each other’s way, it’s fantastic! The rotation design swivels so devices can be connected at almost any angle. It’s a great little device to connect USB devices in an easy, neat way without them obstructing other ports or connections. Now without struggle I can change the playlist on my MP3 Player and print at the same time. Perfect!

LINDY stock a range of 360 Adapters. The range of USB 360 Adapters includes type A to B like the one I have as well as a very handy A to Mini B one. This would be ideal for connecting my mobile phone, camera etc in the same way and is a great alternative to using an extension cable.

There is also a FireWire 360 Adapter range which includes 6 pin to 4 pin and 6 pin to 6 pin designs. Very useful devices which would allow you to connect FireWire to even the most obscure ports.

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