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New Premium Gold DVI Cables

January 23, 2009


Premium Gold DVI-I Cables

Premium Gold DVI-I Cables

We have now introduced a fantastic new range of Premium Gold DVI-D Cables designed for use with high definition digital monitors, TVs, displays and projectors. These cables range from 0.5m up to a staggering 25m in length. The new range includes Single Link, Dual Link, and DVI to HDMI designs. The top of the range designs have a full set of pins which means increased bandwidth and the highest quality digital signal. The Dual Link cables can transmit not only standard HDTV resolutions but also DVI resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA).

All our Premium Gold Cables are constructed from the highest quality copper wire, which features a low level of attenuation to ensure perfect image reproduction at all cable lengths. To prevent interference or signal deterioration the cable has triple shielding throughout as well as 24K gold plated metal connectors provide 360 degree EMC shielding.

Our patented RF-BLOK connector avoids any potential for high pressure and temperature damage that can occur during the injection moulding process during manufacturing. The one piece, seamless, all metal solder-less design results in superior shielding, low resistance and extremely high reliability without the need for ferrite cores, making the cable less stressed and more flexible.

The Super Long Distance Premium Gold DVI-D Cables can cover longer distances than the 7.5m maximum recommended by the DDWG (Digital Display Working Group) due to the specially developed and optimised cable material used. With a twenty-five year guarantee, triple shielded, low attenuation cable design and patented, unique RF-BLOK, our Premium Gold DVI-D cables offer incredible value for money. They are ideal solution for top notch AV setups.

Have a further look at our great range of Premium Gold DVI-D Cables.

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