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Easily Present Your Display On An Additional Monitor!

January 15, 2009


USB to VGA Adapter

USB to VGA Adapter


USB to VGA Adapters are a great and easy way to present displays on an additional monitor. They’re fantastic if you want to watch a movie and surf the web at the same time, or simply split a large spreadsheet across two screens for easier viewing. A USB to VGA Adapter means this is easy to do without the hassle of having to open up the computer to add a second graphics card.

The LINDY USB to VGA Adapter is a high quality USB to video converter that can connect VGA equipped monitor or projector to a USB 2.0 port on their computer. The attached screen can then be used to extend or mirror the computer’s display or even as the primary viewing screen. Laptop users that already use their port for a second screen can now add a third using this adapter to have multiple displays running from the same machine at the same time.

We all know there are many situations at work and home, when having an extra monitor on the same computer would be extremely handy. However, the thought of adding an extra graphics card is not really appealing as it would require time and effort and it is not always practical, particularly if your machine is a laptop and it doesn’t have the flexibility you get with an external adapter. This USB to VGA Adapter is therefore a quick and easy solution.  

The LINDY USB to VGA Adapter supports screen resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP and Vista. It also comes with a two year warranty.

Have a look at this USB to VGA Adapter on our website.

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