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The perfect present…er

January 5, 2009

51550blogCheck out this handy tool for PowerPoint users…

The LINDY Wireless ExpressCard Presenter is an all-in-one unit that fits neatly into a computer’s spare ExpressCard or PCMCIA slot when not in use.

When the user is ready to give a presentation, they simply remove the tool from the slot, separate and plug-in the USB transmitter from the main tool and they are ready to go. Featuring an RF remote control and a built-in laser pointer, the Wireless ExpressCard Presenter has a range of up to 20m and allows users to easily navigate through PowerPoint presentations, using the buttons, which mimic PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts.

We’ve all been there, late for a presentation, only to be left fumbling through your laptop bag praying that you remembered to pack your presentation tool and its corresponding transmitter. Our unique docking design ensures that both are immediately on hand from the moment you pull-out your laptop.

Compatible with Windows PCs and Macs, the LINDY Wireless ExpressCard Presenter allows the user to move freely around the room whilst giving their presentation, enabling them to easily interact with their audience, without the need to go back to the laptop to switch to the next slide. The presenter’s built-in laser pointer comes complete with a safety feature to prevent unintentional use.

If you’re interested in this product, you can take a look at its page on our website here.

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